Exfoliating Green Tea Facial Glove


    1. Exfoliate using any cleanser
    2. Unclogs your pores and removes built up dirt, oil, blackheads and makeup residue
    3. Deep Exfoliation with Little Skin Irritation due to Unique micro LOOP structure. Magnify close up shot to see in greater detail
    4. Easily reach every curve of your face
    5. Level of exfoliation controlled by desired amount of pressure
    6. Infused with Green Tea
    7. Machine Washable
    8. Left & Right Hand Friendly
    9. Green Tea Infused Rayon 80% Polyester 20%
    10. Made In Korea
  • When it comes to exfoliation products, the options are endless. SKINTOWEL took their time to understand skin-too-well and created the exfoliating glove. An exfoliating mitt that you could use with any cleanser. Its size allows you to easily exfoliate every curve of your face and remove all of your unwanted whiteheads, blackheads, built up oils, dead skin cells and makeup residue. The exfoliating glove was then infused with green tea, an antioxidant and a anti-bacterial agent that’s known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. An affordable option that's reusable and machine washable. With all of the benefits added up, your skin will thank you by leaving you with smooth, soft to touch, healthy skin.

    1. Rinse in warm water then apply your favorite cleanser
    2. Lather then begin gently scrubbing face in small circular motions
    3. After use, simply rinse, wring then hang to dry. Best yet, it’s also machine washable!  Do not use Bleach.

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The Power and Science Behind Exfoliation

Out with the old and in with the new! Exfoliation is the process of removing your dead skin cells and allowing your new skin cells to take the center stage. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing all go hand in hand and form the trinity of a great skin care regimen. Including exfoliation in your routine will bring new life to your complexion by rejuvenating your skin. The tone of your skin will brighten as you remove the old skin cells, and its texture will become softer and smoother. Removing the built up oils and dead skin will also make your pores appear smaller, while at the same time, fight against the causes of acne and breakouts. Lastly, exfoliating has the power to enhance your other skin care products by allowing them to further penetrate into your new skin and unclogged pores. Exfoliation is an essential step in every skin care routine, and we’re here to make that step even easier!

Here at SKINTOWEL we made it our mission to understand skin-to-well and introduce you to a new skin care tool that will help you achieve great skin. A face scrub tool that will help you to exfoliate using any cleanser, easily reaching every curve of your face and is machine washable to keep bacteria away.

Introducing Skintowels exfoliating facial glove. It will help to remove your dead skin cells, oils, dirt and makeup residue which block your pores causing inflammation, acne and blackheads. It exfoliates effectively, yet wont be too irritating to the skin due to its unique micro LOOP structure, which can be seen by magnifying the close up shot above. We then enhanced our exfoliating mitt to the next level by infusing it with Green Tea.

Exfoliating Mitt Green Tea Facial Glove - Skintowel

Green Tea has been used in skin care across the board due to it's great skin benefits. Green Tea is an antibacterial agent and a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation, flush out toxins, fight acne causing bacteria and regulate hormonal imbalances.

This natural ingredient in combination with our exfoliating glove, has become SKINTOWEL’s solution to help you attain a great overall complexion and improve your skin care routine.

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