Understanding SKIN-TOO-WELL

Skintowel - exfoliating skin care experts

Here at Skintowel, we understand the importance of attaining and maintaining a clear complexion. With all of the exfoliation products out there, the options seem endless, so we decided to take a step back, master the basics and create products that anyone could use that would improve everyone's skin care routines  




Skintowel first began as a solution to a problem that millions upon millions of people all around the world encounter daily, thoroughly washing your back in the shower. From there, through our extensive research & studies, found that we were onto something much more important than just a back washer, but a shower tool that would improve your skin tone, giving you smoother skin, removing dirt, oil, toxins and unclogging pores which cause inflammation and acne. A tool that would combine gentle daily exfoliation and cleansing together, using any body wash, cleanser or bar of soap while also giving you the ability to easily wash your back and the rest of your body. By using only one tool, you would be conserving and evenly distributing soap without waste and it would also be more sanitary than the existing loofah, shower puff or bath brush because it’s quick to dry and machine washable to eliminate bacteria.


From this idea, we decided to pack our bags and set out to Korea, the country which places skin care at the forefront of beauty itself, so that we could turn that idea into real life. Within a year from it’s first conception, Skintowel created the exfoliating shower towel. Made up of a durable squarrose surface, the towel promotes gentle exfoliation and lathers up with small amounts of soap easily. It’s length permits the user to easily exfoliate their back and comes with two naturally enhanced options, activated charcoal and green tea. We ensured that the towel was quick to dry and machine washable because it alarmed us how quickly bacteria grew in loofah's & shower poufs because of dead skin & oils being easily trapped within its mesh netting.


Exfoliating Skin care tools Green Tea Shower cloth


The exfoliating shower towel combines the benefits of a washcloth, loofah, pouf, and bath brush all in one, but better because of its overall user friendliness, it’s naturally enhanced properties, and its sanitary capabilities. It also promotes gentle exfoliation rather than rough exfoliation which has been proven to overtime damage your skin. To learn the difference between the two types of exfoliation, review our article here. The shower towel became our answer to “how do you wash your back?” as well as a tool personally used that gave us the best shower experience yet.



Exfoliating Skin care tools Charcoal Shower cloth


When designing the exfoliating shower towel and facial glove, we kept our customers in mind and designed products that would not only work wonders for your skin, but also blend in nicely with your bathroom décor. So whether you’re a man or woman, young or mature, skinny or carrying a few extra pounds, even left handed or right handed, our products are meant for you. They add value to your life by giving you that extra little cleansing power needed to remove the grime and airborne toxins that we are exposed to daily, while easily incorporated into your normal skin care routine and maintaining a germ and bacteria free status after each wash.


Skintowel a loofah wash cloth bath brush all in one, best shower ever


Our customers are all unique in their own way, but all have one thing in common, the desire to better maintain and manage their skin. From skin care guru's to beauty & fashion bloggers, the benefits of our exfoliating shower towel and facial mitt can be appreciated by all, even including one of the worlds tallest IFBB PRO Bodybuilders! Here at SKINTOWEL, we are thrilled to be able to help improve your daily shower and facial cleansing routines.